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Countdown to the end of the School Year! A new theme every day! Click to see the Latest Photos

Countdown to the end of the School Year! A new theme every day! Click to see the Latest Photos

Weekly Newsletter 11-02-2020

Weekly Newsletter

For the Week of November 2, 2020

Practice daily

  • High-Frequency Words: pink, white
  • Review High-Frequency Words: can, see, like, go, look, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

Letters/Sounds: l, k, h

Review Letters: t, f, b, m, n, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s, j, p


  • It’s critical to teach students to memorize sight words as a whole so that they can recognize them immediately (within 3 seconds) without having to use any strategies to decode them. Imagine how frustrating reading would be if you had to stop and sound out every little word! Once readers master sight words they are able to understand at least half of the words in any particular text. By eliminating the need to stop and decode sight words, readers are able to focus on words that are less familiar and more difficult. And teaching sight words not only helps students read more fluently, but it also helps them write more efficiently too. THE PRINTABLE PRINCESS © 2020 

Homework: Please check your child’s Take-Home Folder

  • Thank you for practicing the prayers, the students and praying them loud and proud. 😊
  • Math workbook pages (please only do the lesson that is circled in marker)/Phonics pages


  • Practice writing letters neatly.
  • Please start all letters at the top and go down.
  • Please use the letter formation guide for Foundations so the language I use at school is the same language they hear at home.

Upcoming Events:

  • November 02 – A great week to learn something new!
  • November 03 – Picture Day
  • November 05 – i Ready activities


  • Send a spill proof water bottle daily. Please only put water in the water bottle.
  • There are no working water fountains, but we do have a water fill station.
  • All shirts must be tucked in.
  • Please do homework in pencil.

I Need Your Help:

  • Please try Seesaw this week.
  • Please replace your child’s take-home folder as needed.


Have a great week.

Thank you,

Stay Safe,

Mrs. Becker