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Technology Week of November 9 and 16

5,6,7,8 have been working on their dream class trip. They were to find a place to go, a hotel to stay at, and then make a schedule for the class. I gave them unlimited money. We are going to some pretty cool places! You should as your student where they want to take us! 

3 & 4 are working on using google classroom and have been practicing using google docs. They have also been working on making sure they know how to “TURN IN” on google classroom to be more comfortable with things when we are remote for the two weeks in January. 

2 has been working on common sense web power points. We have learned to make sure not to share personal information on the web as well as do not click on ads on the side of games. We had a great discussion about staying safe on the web last week. 

1 is working on I-ready and practicing using the computer.  They love coming to class.