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Father Michael Grisolano - Pastor

Dr. Kristine Hillmann - Principal

Homework for the Week: November 16-20

Homework will be posted (ideally) every week.  However,  it will be subject to change.  I hope to post the homework every week at the beginning of the week.  Please remember Word Wall worksheets will be due the last day of the week.  GUM and math pages are due the day after they are assigned.  Any other assignments will be posted with their due dates as well. 

Reading: Read: 20 minutes daily`
Language Arts: There is not going to be Word Wall worksheet this week.
Wednesday GUM 61/64 Due Thursday 11/19
Math: Monday Wkbk NH, Tuesday 93/94 Wednesday Wkbk 95/96, Thursday NH Friday NH
Science:Test NH
Social Studies:Native American Biography choices NH
Religion: NH