St. Elizabeth of The Trinity

Committed to Catholic Education

6040 W. Ardmore Ave

Chicago, IL 60646

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7:30 am - 3:30 pm M-F

Father Michael Grisolano - Pastor

Dr. Kristine Hillmann - Principal

Currently we are studying …

8th grade social studies

             Reconstruction- Was Reconstruction a success or failure? (reading and evaluating primary and secondary sources, writing an essay)

8th grade science

              Thermal energy (Major labs- Food coloring lab, making ice cream, comparing insulators lab, creating a device to keep a drink cold)

7th grade social studies

             Andrew Jackson- How well did he promote democracy? (reading and evaluating primary and secondary sources, perspective writing, creating a wanted poster

            or a plaque, supporting responses with textual evidence)

7th grade science

            Genetics (Major labs and projects- DNA strawberry extraction, yeast reproduction, snowman genotype and phenotype drawing)

6th grade science

             Forces (major labs- unbalanced forces with airplanes, calculating free fall, egg drop)

6th grade social studies

             Ancient China (major projects- Ancient Chinese philosophy research project, Qin Shi wanted poster or plaque, Mulan comparison)