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Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up Reminders

October 6, 2021

Just a few Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up reminders…

1.  If you are dropping off a student in the car line, please pull all the way up to door #2 (just about where I stand each morning) and myself or the Safety Team will help your student out of the car.  Parents may NOT park and get out of their car.  If you need to walk your child to the door, please park on the side street and walk them over to school.  All students should be exiting from the passenger side of the car for their safety and yours!  If you have a preschooler, the Safety Team will ensure they get to their door, so you can still pull all the way up to door #2.  (This also keeps traffic flowing on the side streets).  

2.  The soon-to-be parking lot across the street is NOT to be used as a parking lot.  Besides metal scrap, rebar and glass that may still be in the lot, there are not barriers yet to protect our neighbors and their homes.  Plus, it is a safety issue since no one is expecting cars to be coming in and out of the lot.  Please park on the side streets to pick up your students.  

3.  If your student rides their bike to school, please remind them to lock their bikes.  We did have a bike stolen from our lot last year and we do not want any of our students to come out of school at the end of the day and have not a ride home!  

Kristine Hillmann